KUI Based Puppet

Research 2020

We propose a “KUI Based Puppet” which enables to manipulate a puppet with real shadow as an interface. We speculate this research will possible the puppet shadow to extend the feature of media. We extends the properties of the shadow as media and propose the puppet shadow as a new media. We focused on the shadow as media to push the concept of KUI further. If we could control the real shadow as media, we can exclude information loss due to overcome video camera. And the video information is degraded due to the monitor performance during playback. Therefore, we proposed “Augmented Shadow Media(ASM)” is an shadow medium enables to save, playback, and edit the recorded data of shadow without deteriorating information. ASM applies the concept of KUI to the manipulation and is able users to manipulate objects that create shadows, and save and reproduce the movements of objects for preventing the shadow information from deteriorating. ASM is restricted the movement of shadows by using spheres for an object. In this paper, we propose a ”KUI Based Puppet” which enables to manipulate the puppet under the concept of KUI. Users can operate multiple parts such as arms and legs of the puppet shadow by simultaneous editing by direct touching a shadow.

  • Nicograph Interanatioanl 2020 Poster kuibp-poster