Robotic Drum Machine Workshop

Collaborative Workshop by Department of Design & Informatics at Meisei University
Workshop 2024

Molebot Display

Proposal of Sand Display Using Iron Sand and a Miniature Robot
Research 2023

Code to [ ... ]

Creations made from program code
Artwork / Exhibition 2023


Mixed soundscape and cityscape.
This work was exhibited at the “TAMABLE Exhibition” held at Parthenon Tama in Tokyo.
Artwork / Exhibition 2023

Research of Code to Frame

An Attempt to Continue Activities of Work Production and Exhibitions in Creative Coding
Research 2022

Code to Frame

Code to Frame is concept to frame a graphic being generated by program code
Artwork / Exhibition / Workshop 2022


Proposal of Collaborative 3D Modeling Method in Real Space by using KUI and Smartphone AR
Research 2022

Hokusai wave

Artwork / Develop 2022

Tilt Painting

Action painting using a smartphone
Artwork / Develop 2022

Caligula Art

Artwork / Develop 2021

KUI-Based Modeling

A study for real world oriented modeling using real shadow as an interface
Research 2021

KUI Based Puppet

Research 2020


Develop 2020
DJI Tello drone addon for openFrameworks

Shadow Stained Glass

Artwork / Workshop 2019

micro:bit + Tello drone

Fly a Tello drone with a microbit
Develop 2019

Augmented Shadow Media

Study for Interactive Media for Augmenting in Properties of Shadow as Media Using Kage User Interface
Research 2019

Animated KUI

Research 2018

Orgel electronica

Artwork 2017

Kage User Interface

A Study for Shadow Based Physical Object Interaction Using Real Shadow as an Interface
Research 2017